About Titanium

About Hawaii Titanium Rings

  • Our handmade rings usually ship inside of 2-3 weeks, please plan ahead. Exotic, unique and cutting-edge, titanium is the stuff of dream rings, rings that will last and can be passed on for generations to come. Titanium is a performance metal, used extensively in aerospace where strength and weight really count.
  • The inside of your ring is as important as the outside. Shaped for unparalleled comfort and highly polished, the inside feels soft and smooth as silk on your finger. We take extra time to shape and polish the inside surface just right. As soon as you put it on you know it's right.
  • Titanium rings are hard to find in stores and rare to find anywhere with decent selection, if you found us you're in the right place for selection, quality, integrity and great customer care.
  • Titanium is a natural element (not an alloy). It is a strong and very light metal with an outstanding resistance to corrosion. In its raw state, titanium is sponge-like in form and is a smoky grey metal, appearing slightly darker in tone than platinum. For more on titanium, see Titanium Facts .
  • Titanium rings are featherweight, approximately 30% the weight of platinum and much easier on your pocket book. And did we mention... titanium doesn't tarnish at all?
  • Our classic titanium and gold or platinum inlayed rings are a wonderful match with many styles of titanium and stainless steel watches. With a matte finish these rings can also be worn as a great compliment to these accessories. Notice the blue anodized rings also go with many styles of steel and blue watches–it's a natural match.

Titanium Colors

  • At Hawaii Titanium Rings we love to play with color. One of the wonderful qualities of titanium is that it takes color well and a titanium band contrasted with color is absolutely striking. Choosing a color for a titanium ring can be fun and remember, if you need assistance or have any questions, feel free to contact us! 808-756-1286 or Contact Us.


  • Anodizing is one of the processes we use to bring color to a Titanium ring. This process involves the use of an electrically charged bath, which creates colors that range according to voltage. The resulting appearance of color is actually a play of light on the surface of the Titanium. There are no surface applications or dyes of any kind in the anodizing process. Furthermore, at Titanium Rings Studios, we choose to color surfaces that are cut channels in the Titanium band to protect the color and promote staying power. If your Titanium ring's coloring should fail, we will recolor the ring at no charge to you within the first 30 days following purchase. We offer this service to our customers for the life of the ring for a fee of $35.00.
  • If the cut channel needs cleaning, you may use a soft toothbrush and mild soap. Gentle scrubbing should be enough to remove unwanted particles while keeping the color intact.

Titanium wear

Any rings with color...

Please avoid direct contact with household chemicals. Clean with a mild soap.

Titanium scratches…

Contrary to popular belief, titanium will scratch and wear over time, it just takes a lot more time and a lot much more abuse than other metals. Titanium will not break or wear down like soft metals will (such as wearing thin or breaking at a thin point). Titanium takes longer to “break in” as opposed to a traditional metal like platinum or gold which are comparatively very soft metals.

Refinishing services…

We will gladly refinish your ring for a small fee depending on the condition of the finish. Our policy is to consistently have satisfied customers, and an ongoing relationship with you, your family and friends.

  • Please note that while a titanium ring will never tarnish or rust, it will acquire minor surface scratches or scuffs through everyday wear or rough handling. Refinishing will take care of this. However, a titanium ring that has been worn over the years without refinishing will acquire a nice, even, personalized character, similar to a satin finish. Many people find this quite attractive; in fact, many people prefer their own unique finish that comes from wearing their ring. It is evidence of their life in action.

Titanium Ring Finishes

Polished: Brilliant and reflective, our polished finish is durable, elegant and eye catching, reflecting the world around you.

Brushed: The brushed finish is a more subdued, metallic and less reflective look, the color of steel. This finish is high in durability.

Matte: The matte finish is a more subdued, metallic and less reflective look, the color of steel. This finish is high in durability.

Hammered: We developed this finish to give you a beautiful and distinguishing look to your ring. The hammered finish consists of multi-directional indents on the ring surface. This finish is high in durability.

  • We replace all our finishes as needed for a fee of $35.00 throughout the life of the ring. If you require this service, refer to our servicing form.

Ring Widths

  • When choosing a width for your ring, keep in mind most of our rings are shown in 6 1/2-7mm width; rule of thumb: if you like what you see leave it be! – we have designed appropriate proportions into each style. Call us if you have any doubt about what width to order. In many cases, such as, when we make you a set in different widths & sizes we will use our artistic eye to alter the rings proportions properly. Imagine a ring set ordered in size 5 & size 12 both in 7mm, the smaller ring would appear much wider on the smaller finger. We try to avoid this unless you really want it.
  • We do invite you to choose your own ring width, but please keep in mind that it can alter the look of your ring, especially when it comes to inlay channels, just contact us for assistance, we're glad to help in any way we can.

Ring Size

Ring Size is Important!!

Follow the instructions shown below:

How To Use The EasySizer:

  1. Print out this page and make sure that the “Fit to Page” or “Scale to Fit” options are not selected.
  2. Use scissors or a utility knife to cut out the EasySizer and create an opening along the dashed line.
  3. With numbers showing outside, insert the thin red end of EasySizer through the opening you have previously created and place it over your finger.
  4. Pull the thin red end through the opening until it fits comfortably.
  5. To determine your approximate ring size, you must read the corresponding numbers from the number scale as it lines up with the edges of the opening.

You may call us at 808-756-1286, or use the contact for at Contact Us with any questions.

  • Proper Ring Sizing
    You should measure your ring finger several times throughout the day, morning - afternoon - evening, because finger size can fluctuate. Choose the size that would fall in the middle of extreme fluctuations. For example, if your ring size in the morning is 8, and in the evening is 8.5, order a ring size of 8.25 as a happy median. Your thoughtful consideration in determining your size accurately is well worth the effort. We cannot stress this enough! - to get you the ring you will love and cherish for years to come!
  • If you have already bought your ring from us and it needs to be resized, please see our ring resizing instructions at the bottom of this page .
  • Our rings are available in sizes 3 1/2 to 16 in 1/4 increments depending on style. For a ring larger than size 16, there will be an additional fee of $50.00 for the extra material.
  • The width of our rings ranges from 3.5 to 16 millimeters, again depending on style. When selecting a width that works for you, it may help to keep in mind that the average width on a woman's ring ranges between 3.5mm to 6mm. For a man's ring the average range is 7mm to 10mm. The width that is most comfortable can be determined by measuring the distance between the first knuckle and the web between the fingers.

Sizing suggestions:

  1. You may go to any local jewelers and have them size your finger, most jewelers are more than happy to help. We suggest you do this three times since your ring size may fluctuate at different times of the day. Also, keep in mind that jewelers sizing equipment is not standardized. You may want to visit more than one jeweler.
  2. Purchase an inexpensive ring and wear it around to test for comfort and sizing over time. Send the ring to us to use for accurate sizing.
  • Surprisingly, fingers have a tendency to fluctuate in size throughout the day and night in response to activity levels and temperature changes. After you've tried ring sizing a few times throughout the day(s) to allow for swelling and contracting, you may Contact Us or call us at 808-756-1286 with your correct size and be sure to include the name that goes with the order. An order number, when you have one, is also helpful.
  • Titanium cannot be sized smaller so we advise you to get a strong sense of your size!
  • Each ring will be made to the exact size that you specify so please be absolutely sure of your size before you order! Our charge for sizing larger (up to 3/4 in size depending on the specific ring style) is $35.00. To remake your ring smaller in size due to customer sizing mistakes we must charge 35% of the original ring price.
  • We do not resize rings with stone settings. When ordering a stone set ring, you really must get our sizing kit!

Ring Resizing Instructions...

Are you returning your ring for resizing?

  1. Please follow the return instructions located here: Shipping & Returns.
  2. Ring resizing usually takes between one and three weeks.

    Contact Us • Phone: (808) 756-1286

    Ring Resizing Instructions

    1. Contact Us.
    2. Include the service/resizing form or call us at 808-756-1286, then send your ring to us with a check or money order, and ship insured, in a box (no envelopes please), using USPS, UPS, or FedEx to:
    3. Hawaii Titanium Rings
      P.O. Box 4128
      Kailua-Kona, HI 96745
    4. If the ring needs to be remade (if it is too large), you must Contact Us.

    *Ring resizing usually takes between one and three weeks.


    We offer a 30-day money back guarantee on most of our rings (The exceptions are specific custom designs, stone set rings and engraved rings) and even at that we will do what we can for you. We truly want to make sure all of our customers are satisfied.

    For full instructions on how to return a ring, please see Shipping and Returns.

    If you have already bought your ring from us and need to resize it, please see our Shipping and Returns.

    *Please note, custom designed rings are not returnable.

    Contact Us • Phone: (808) 756-1286

    Hawaii Titanium Rings
    P.O. Box 4128
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